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A family of five that has amazing opportunities to travel the world. Having lived in Beijing, China, Hong Kong,Budapest, Hungary, and Doha, Qatar, the journeys continue to unfold before us.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Spanish Dance

Tenderness Floor Dance

The Rose on Pointe

First piece

Each level came and did a short warm-up in their leotards.

Preparing for the recital

Stuart used the recital as an opportunity to make some money.  He ordered 120 roses from a flower distributor.  They then had to have the leaves cut, thorns removed and wrapped individually in plastic.

He sold flowers and brownies and did very well!  It was well worth the effort.

Meanwhile, Maddie was back stage stretching and warming up.

Talent Show

Maddie tried out for the Middle School talent show.  Only six acts were able to perform and she was one of them.  She combined some of her ballet routines from class to fit a popular song that she likes.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A New Spot

We headed up to one of our favorite beaches, but this time, we left the sand, put the SUV into 4x4 mode and headed over the rocks.  We found our own secluded beach.  Can't get better than this on a February day!